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Stephan Bar

Stephan Bar, a pop art artist, born in Rocourt, Belgium. From an early age, his natural talent for drawing was evident, enchanting those around him with his artistic expressions. This early fascination with the arts formed the basis for his career.


In search of refining his artistic skills and deepening his knowledge, Stephan Bar trained at the art academy in Hasselt. The academy provided him with a solid foundation in various artistic techniques and allowed his unique style to flourish.


Stephan Bar's talent and innovative approach to art caught the attention of the art community when his works were selected for the Canvas Collection in 2010 and again in 2012. In both cases, he received the honor of being the second best in the audience award. His works were exhibited in the famous Bozar in Brussels.


Stephan Bar is praised for his paintings in the pop art style, in which he uses special techniques such as chicken wire, collages, cd, and plexiglass. His work often revolves around the theme of music and the sensuality of women.

Two of his most admired artist are the great Rembrandt and Mel Ramons. They both have a profound influence on his own artistic journey.

Stephan Bar shares with Mel Ramons a fascination for the sensuality of women.

This central theme weaves through the artworks of both artists, bringing to life the power and beauty of feminine forms and emotions.

In addition, Stephan Bar is inspired by the work of Rembrandt, a master of figurative techniques. He admires Rembrandt's ability to capture emotions and express human character. Using Rembrandt's figurative techniques as inspiration, Stephan adds depth and power to his own creations, making them resonate with a timeless and universal beauty.


Since 2018 Stephan exposes permanently his artworks in his own art gallery in Knokke (Belgium).  Worldwide known for its countless art galleries.

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Biography Stephan Bar



Philippe Lebeau

Born and raised in Tongeren, Belgium, Philippe Lebeau is a renowned artist known for his unique artistic approach and impressive works. His journey began with an education at l'école supérieure des beaux arts St. Luc in Liège, where he further developed his skills and techniques.


During his training, Lebeau was inspired by the surrealism of Salvador Dali. He was fascinated by the dreamlike and unconventional elements of surrealism, and this influence can be seen in his early works.

In the early 1980s Lebeau developed a strong fascination with America.


He was fascinated by American culture and society, and this became an important theme in his work. What set Lebeau apart was his ability to depict everyday American objects in a super realistic way. His works reflected the distinctive elements of American society and created a visually powerful experience for the viewer.

As an artist, Lebeau continually evolved and was inspired by influences from the media and entertainment world. He began to incorporate elements from this world into his work, giving his art a contemporary and dynamic look.


Lebeau was also influenced by the world-famous artist Christo.

Under the influence of Christo, Lebeau began to add three-dimensional elements to his works, making them not only visually appealing but also giving them a tangible dimension. This ability to bring his artwork to life and provide viewers with an interactive experience made Lebeau's work even more intriguing and unique.


However, Lebeau's extreme realism also conceals a personal and philosophical approach. He uses his art to put American culture and society into perspective, especially when they are under pressure. His works raise questions about society and offer space for introspection and reflection.


Philippe Lebeau is a globally recognized talent who continues to experiment and grow as an artist. His works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and various art exhibitions around the world, where they are admired by art lovers and collectors.

With his rich Belgian background and his continuous search for artistic expression, Philippe Lebeau has left a lasting mark on the contemporary art world and continues to inspire people with his unique vision and masterful craftsmanship.

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Biography Philippe Lebeau
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