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About us

Welcome to Stephan Bar Art Gallery


Who are we?

At Stephan Bar Art Gallery, we are a dynamic artistic duo based in Belgium.

Stephan Bar, an accomplished artist, and his daughter Roxane Bar form our creative team. 

Stephan Bar brings art to life through his skilled craftsmanship, while Roxane adds her creative touch by infusing each artwork with a captivating story.

Specializing in portrait art, our gallery aims to inspire and captivate. 

We believe that art is more than just a visual presentation, it's about storytelling. Each piece we select tells a unique story, the kind that resonates with our shared human experience. 


Our mission is to not only share our passion for art but also to help our clients tell their own stories. 

We strive to assist them in choosing artworks that reflect their interests and personalities, enabling them to express themselves through their own personal art collection.

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